Load Shedding Status

We are currently Load Shedding - Stage 2 (In Progress)

Stage 2 rotational loadshedding will continue until Sunday at 06:00  as per Eskom communication

​21/02/2020 (Friday)

​Affected Blocks

​16:00 to 20:30
​7B & 3A
​20:00 to 00:30
​8B & 4A

​22/02/2020 (Saturday)

Affected Blocks
​00:00 to 04:30
​1A & 5A
​04:00 to 08:30
​2A & 6A
​08:00 to 12:30
​3A & 7A
​12:00 to 16:30
​4A & 8A
​16:00 to 20:30
​5A & 1B
​20:00 to 00:30
​6A & 2B

23/02/2020 (Sunday)

​00:00 to 04:30
​7A & 3B
​04:00 to 06:00
​8A & 4B

NB: The Load Shedding Schedule together with the Blocks - suburbs information can be downloaded below. The Load Shedding Schedule indicates the time and when the block will be affected. The suburbs - blocks information indicates all suburbs associated with the affected block as per the Load Shedding Schedule. Suburbs may belong to more than block and this is because they overlap from one block to another due to feeding from different substations.

The below operating schedule is from Stage 1-4 and it indicates when each block may be isolated per stage as per Eskom's instructions during Load Shedding. Stage 1-8 may be downloaded below and under the Load Shedding Library

All Suburbs within Blocks.pdfAll Suburbs within BlocksNew
Load shedding Operating Schedule (Stage 1 - 8).pdfLoad shedding Operating Schedule (Stage 1 - 8)
Load Shedding Operating Schedule (Stage 1-4).pdfLoad Shedding Operating Schedule (Stage 1-4)
Suburbs under Block 1A.pdfSuburbs under Block 1A
Suburbs under Block 1B.pdfSuburbs under Block 1B
Suburbs under Block 2A.pdfSuburbs under Block 2A
Suburbs under Block 2B.pdfSuburbs under Block 2B
Suburbs under Block 3A.pdfSuburbs under Block 3A
Suburbs under Block 3B.pdfSuburbs under Block 3B
Suburbs under Block 4A.pdfSuburbs under Block 4A
Suburbs under Block 4B.pdfSuburbs under Block 4B
Suburbs under Block 5A.pdfSuburbs under Block 5A
Suburbs under Block 5B.pdfSuburbs under Block 5B
Suburbs under Block 6A.pdfSuburbs under Block 6A
Suburbs under Block 6B.pdfSuburbs under Block 6B
Suburbs under Block 7A.pdfSuburbs under Block 7A
Suburbs under Block 7B.pdfSuburbs under Block 7B
Suburbs under Block 8A.pdfSuburbs under Block 8A
Suburbs under Block 8B.pdfSuburbs under Block 8B