Corporate Profile

​​ City Power was established in 2001 as an independent municipal entity, wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg.


City Power provides quality energy and electricity in a sustainable manner. The vision of City Power is aligned to the vision of the shareholder:

“A City Power that works is a Joburg that is Em-Powered”


The mission of City Power Johannesburg SOC is to meet the expectations of our customers and stakeholders by:
  1. Providing sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable energy supply
  2. Providing prompt and efficient customer services
  3. Being the preferred equal opportunity employer by developing and incentivising our employees
  4. Undertaking our business in an environmentally acceptable manner


The aspired values of City Power are to be:
  1. Resourceful,
  2. Resilient,
  3. Reliable,
  4. Respectful,
  5. Service delivery with integrity


​Value Proposition

City Power’s value proposition enables all stakeholders to have a shared understanding and meaning of what City Power’s existence entails.


City Power aspires to not only be a reputable electricity distributor, but to also be recognised as an energy provider of choice. City Power aspires to be a “best in class” African energy utility that is characterised by the following:


The Utility is committed to providing excellent service to its customers, continually improving efficiencies to keep tariffs as low as possible and generating a return on investment for its shareholder, the City of Johannesburg, to help offset other residential rates. It is also moving to the "Smart City" concept via a Smart Grid and integration with other City initiatives.

City Power Johannesburg (SOC) Ltd (City Power) is accountable for providing electricity and network services to all its customers. These include :

  1. The purchasing and distribution and sale of electricity
  2. Constructing networksConnecting customers
  3. Repair and maintenance of networks
  4. Installation and maintenance of public lighting.

As of 2015/16, City Power's net asset worth has been valued at approximately R8 billion, with a revenue base of R14 billion.

  1. City Power has approximately 396 000 customers; ranging from Agriculture, domestic and pre-paid, commercial and industrial properties.
  2. Our infrastructure covers over 17 500km of cable, over 18 000 substations, and over 270 000 public lights.
  3. City Power is the only utility in Africa with four ISO accreditations (9001, 14001, 18001 & 31000). It is also accredited with ISO 26000 compliant and currently implementing 16000.
  4. City Power was awarded the 2016 Utility of the Year Award at the Africa Utility Week Conference by industry leaders.


City Power is a dynamic employer, focused on providing the best working environment in its industry and operating at consistently high levels of productivity. This has enabled the company to attract the top talent in its field, joining a team of 1600 employees.

Core Mandate/ Purpose/ Objective

Johannesburg accounts for a third of the country's (South Africa) GDP, and it is therefore critical that there is a stable and uninterrupted supply of energy to fuel these economic activities. In line with the expectations of City of Johannesburg, City Power has defined the following key drivers for the organization. They are :

  1. Increase and secure the supply of energy
  2. Acquire electricity from renewable and alternative energy sources
  3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Strategically make use of a mix of technologies comprising of renewable energy sources and
  5. Adhere to corporate governance.

The above have to be done whilst :

  1. Reducing the burden of cost on the consumer
  2. Balancing the financial sustainability of the business, delivery of services and shareholder goals.
  3. Moving to the "Smart City" concept via a Smart Grid and integration with other City initiatives. (e.g. Transport)

Corporate Governance  

The Board of Directors and executives recognise and are committed to the principal of openness, integrity, accountability advocated by the King III code on corporate governance. Through this process the shareholders are assured that the company is being ethically managed according to the prudent risk parameters in compliance with generally accepted corporate practices. 


Ethical Leadership

Responsible leadership, characterised by the values of responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency has been a defining characteristics of the entity since its establishment in 2001. The Board recognises the impact the Company has on the economy and society and therfore strives to ensure that there must be ethical relationships between the Company and its Stakeholders