There are two types of situations which result in power interruptions to consumers – planned and unplanned outages.

A planned outage is a situation where an item of electrical plant or a circuit has to be temporarily taken out of service for repair or to allow network alterations. Generally an outage of the type will be scheduled in advance and City Power will make affected customers aware of the outage details via the media or by leaflets delivered to premises.

Every effort will be made to undertake planned outages during times which will least inconvenience residents, such as from midnight until early morning, but in some instances this is not always possible.

The second type of power interruption is referred to as an unplanned​ outage and is a result of the loss of a section of the network due to a fault. There are several major categories of faults which may occur without prior indication. Some common types are equipment failure, cable faults, damage by third parties, severe climatic conditions adversely affecting the networks (such as a lightning strike) and theft and vandalism to electrical infrastructure. In these situations, there is no possibility of giving consumers early warning of an impending outage.

Although City Power endeavours to maintain all its equipment in good condition, occasionally equipment or cables do fail in service. In the case of lightning strikes, severe storms or theft and vandalism, City Power has very little influence.

In the event of a power interruption, our network control and dispatch centres will be notified of the outage, either automatically via our system monitoring equipment or via our call centre which receives consumer complaints. Maintenance crews will immediately be dispatched to attend to the problem. The high and medium voltage electrical networks are generally designed to provide an alternative supply to cater for most fault situations but, in the instance of severe damage, an extended interruption may be experienced.

City Power is constantly striving to improve the quality and security of supply and its focus is on meeting our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.