The page has been created to notify our customers on planned and unplanned service interruptions. Our customers can view up-coming planned outage notices and all current unplanned service interruptions.

​     Planned Service Interruptions
A planned interruption is a power interruption that occurs when City Power switches off electricity supply at a substation or other portion of the network in order to execute maintenance and /or emergency duties to correct defects in the network so that it functions at its maximum potential. 

To view all up-coming planned outages, please use the link below:

Unplanned Service Interruptions​

Unplanned​ interruptions is a result of the loss of a section of the network due to a fault. There are several major categories of faults which may occur without prior indication. Some common types are equipment failure, cable faults, damage by third parties, severe climatic conditions adversely affecting the networks (such as a lightning strike) and theft and vandalism to electrical infrastructure. In these situations, there is no possibility of giving consumers early warning of an impending outage. To view current unplanned interruptions, please use the link below: